New York Flyover

Montage of people jumping from the World Trade Center.

Not just terrorists flew over New York City on 911 without knowing how to land safely.


Media elites in New York City are pleased to call the heartland of America  “Flyover Country,” and deride those who prefer to live here as “Rednecks."  Citizens of the heartland are just as derisive and dismissive of coastal popinjays.  To the horror of those who make their livings creating and stirring acrimony between competing factions in our land, for all too brief a period in 2001 we abandoned our “hyphens” and stood together simply as  Americans.

We flew Old Glory with pride and demanded that our government stop regarding terrorism as a “law enforcement matter,” and call out the military to go after our nation’s enemies with a vengeance.  Alas, the animosity merchants recovered and have us at each others throats again; yet, for that brief period, I was almost grateful to the Jihadists for giving an old man hope for the future of this once great nation.

Notice your reaction to these rarely seen pictures and compare it to the effect of the incessant publishing of the Abu Ghraib photos.  Let’s stipulate that neither subject is comfortable to contemplate.  I deplore what the Abu Ghraib degenerates have done to the reputation of our armed forces, but to claim it is a non sequitur to link the two is naïve.

With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy, you just might be a Redneck if:

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