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At their effete cocktail parties, the self-appointed elites living in our costal cities derisively refer to "Flyover Country" as the unimportant center of America, where the “rednecks” live, which they look down on as they travel back and forth between the coasts while planning our future.  There are more descriptive definitions: 

Flyover Country is anywhere in America more than fifty miles from a large body of undrinkable water, polluted air, unkempt ghettos, a university, a populated border, or an Indian reservation – where folks still think for themselves, aren't afraid to speak their minds, earn their own living, respect that it is wrong to trespass without permission, and celebrate the joy of life, rather than whine about being wretched victims.

In other words, just about any red county on this revealing map of the 2004 Presidential election by counties.  The Incumbrepublocrats may have near parity for their two caucuses, but it sure isn't difficult to locate where they live.

You'd think all those city folk would have a little more respect for the folks in the heartland.  Most of them would survive just fine if the overpopulated cities fell in the ocean.  But what would happen if they stopped shipping half of the food in America into the rabbit warrens in those tiny blue spots?  Their grocery stores would be empty inside three days. -Dave


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