Civil War II - Assimilate or Leave


For the purposes of discussion, I have posted here and there portions of this essay I wrote in the spring of ’06.  For various reasons, I did not post the whole thing.  Few would have bothered to read it through start to finish, and I have already spent far too much time discussing the general subject elsewhere.  Subsequent to writing it, I came to the inescapable conclusion that Western civilization is doomed to reenter a Dark Ages, and an intermediate step of a Civil War with the Mexicans refusing to assimilate into our culture, no longer seems important.  That doesn’t mean it won’t happen, I suspect it will, just that it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

Still, to clear up some misapprehensions among both friends and foes hereabouts, regarding my motives and potential racism or xenophobia, here is the introduction to that essay.  I offer it at some risk, for it exposes more of my Jacksonian temperament, which so many find incongruent with my atheism and  libertarianism.  C’est la vie.  I am who I am, and unapologetic for being me.   


I am a native-born red-blooded American patriot, but I have resided in seven foreign countries and eagerly learned at least enough of the local language to get by in the marketplace in each.  Not one of them would have put up with me waving Old Glory in anger on their streets for a nanosecond.  I am so disgusted – no, make that enraged – at militant Mexicans, selfish politicians, partisan journalists, clueless academics, and slumbering citizens, that I don’t know where to begin.  I’ll address each in turn, but perhaps I should start with this:

I have liked and respected most of the countless Mexicans I have met in my sixty years.  I have had Mexican girlfriends, and Mexican best friends.  I chose to learn Spanish in school back in the early ‘60s when most of my contemporaries were choosing French or Latin.  I sweated alongside “braceros” in countless farm labor jobs as a California teenager blessed with parents smart enough not to give me an allowance.  After BBQ, my favorite cuisine is Mexican.  My gardening service is owned by a Mexican.  I suspect he hires illegals, and heretofore I haven’t cared.

I have occasionally hired undoubtedly illegal day laborers myself for odd jobs around my place that modern mollycoddled native teenagers are no longer interested in.  They have never failed to give me an honest day’s labor for $10 or $12 an hour – tax-free cash, of course, but I never taxed a teenager either for doing domestic chores.  I have even lived and worked in Mexico, where I had to pay more than my fair share of “Mordida” (bribes) to thoroughly corrupt Mexican officials.  I generally loved the people and found their civic culture insufferable.

To an honest American, there is something unsettling about living in a country where so many able-bodied men seem to have nothing productive to do with their time, and so many poor kids are begging or running ingenious scams on tourists.  Where the public meekly accepts as normal that every official you chance to meet overtly refuses to do his job without an obligatory bribe, and unsmiling young military men stand on city street corners with assault rifles watching everyone who passes by with an icy stare.  As an unfettered individual who cherishes liberty and opportunity, had I Aztecs rather than Cherokees among my ancestors, I would crawl over broken glass, much less brave a river and/or scorching desert, to escape Mexico permanently for the land of the free, whether or not I had a family to feed.

More pithily: I am not a racist or xenophobic, and any thinking otherwise needs to examine their premise.  I can assure you I would be at least as incensed if Canadians were in our streets waving their flags in angry protest over the proposition that we might actually start defending our borders and make them cross legally through our numerous Immigration and Customs inspection portals.

Believe me; I do not blame the illegal aliens for our immigration problem.  At least half the world’s population would be flooding in here if it were as easy for them as we make it for the Mexicans.  Unfortunately, Mexicans do not understand our rule of law, just the rule of Mordida.  In their society, most barriers and laws exist to enable corrupt officials to extract Mordida from the populace, which everyone somehow views more as a tax than a bribe.  Skirting roadblocks and avoiding authorities is as necessary a part of their way of life, as avoiding radar traps and excessive taxes is to ours.

It probably confuses those few who are caught, why our law enforcement officers don’t just take a bribe themselves and let them pass, rather than letting the judge collect the Mordida (bond) before turning them loose again, or at worst sending them back to the starting line.  Mordida, tax, bond, bail, or fine; it is all the same to them, and paying it directly to the cops would seem much more efficient.  ¡Gringos muy Loco!  If you think about it, they have a point!  Until we start taking our immigration laws seriously, it is foolish to expect them to.


That said, a word of advice for all Mexicans while in America, legally or not, and their kids in our schools, citizen or not: lose the Mexican flags.  The specter of foreign nationals angrily waving their flag in protest on our streets, to demand special treatment under our laws because they cannot get a decent job in their own country, is simply outrageous!  They might as well be bright red and waving in a bullring. 

If you want to make an effective protest, and think you need a symbol, I suggest you choose it carefully.  Fly Old Glory, while claiming you want to be an American, and you just might get some sympathy.  Wave another countries flag in anger hereabouts and you have no idea what it does to the temperature of the average American’s blood.  You are only displaying your ignorance of what it means to be a real American – and there is no @#$%ing hyphen in front of American!

At least your ill-advised demonstrations have brought the magnitude of our immigration problem to the consciousness of America.  Most of us had no idea how many of you were here illegally, and how many more continue to come every year.  Those of you already here may or may not get the amnesty you want from the politicians, but I can assure you we will get the border closed, and soon, even if we have to go down there and do it ourselves.  If our government won’t do it, our REAL minute men might turn out in numbers so large that there would be so many nervous authorities, salivating journalists, and angry ACLU law-critters running around watching them, that a furry four-legged coyote couldn’t sneak across unnoticed.

While the Militia have been rather quiet and less organized since President Clinton hung the Iranian Hezbollah bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building around their necks with one speech eleven years ago, you can bet they are still coiled and ready to strike if they get the notion that America is being deliberately trod upon.  Further, thanks to your demonstrations, I suspect that more and more local authorities all across this nation are going to be forced by their citizens to start enforcing our immigration laws in their jurisdictions.  The law of unintended consequences enforces itself!

A word or two for the Militant Mexicans – citizens or aliens, legal or not, young or old – harboring some pipe dream of re-conquering America’s Southwest for Mexico.  The average American is just now learning of the existence of your seditious racist separatist organizations’ avowed agendas, and we will not allow it.  One of their spokesmen was bragging on TV recently that they were taking back “their” territory (the mythical Aztlan) “one block at a time.”  Forget it!  Your dream is over.  Our ancestors settled the question of the border between America and Mexico with your ancestors over 150 years ago – decidedly.  It is a done deal.  Get over it.

If you know your history, the Texas and California territories declared their independence from Mexico, and were independent Republics for years before choosing to be annexed as States of the U.S.  After we sorted out Santa Anna, we purchased the rest of our Southwest territory from Mexico.  If you study our history, you will discover we soon thereafter fought our bloodiest war – with each other – to prevent separatists from tearing our country asunder.

It won’t happen this time either, so don’t even think about starting a civil war.  There is no way that we are calmly going to permit Chicano Racial Supremacist fifth column infiltrators to take over our country, and supplant our culture with theirs.  Disagree?  Want to find out?  Just keep waving those Mexican flags on American streets while the President of Mexico makes provocative statements about how he won’t permit us to build a wall on the border!

Caution: contrary to the impression rendered by most of our journalists and politicians, we are not a nation of bedwetting do-gooders.  Intimidating our politicians with the Chicano vote won’t be enough; you are just elucidating their hypocrisy for us.  ANYONE, whatever their ethnicity or nationality, with an agenda to invade America and/or seditiously overthrow our culture, is a self-appointed enemy of the American people, regardless of whether petrified politicians have the acumen to notice it.

Speaking of history, after a popular song, TV shows, and movies made him a childhood hero; a lot of American patriots played Davy Crockett with their BB guns as kids, and still remember that chilling “no quarter” bugle call at the end.  We grew up, our guns did too, and we haven’t forgotten the Alamo!  Let’s not repeat that history lesson.  You have no monopoly on rabble-rousers capable of filling the streets with flag-waving advocates for their preferred way of life.  Keep it up and you might discover that there aren’t enough cops to protect you from your idiocy.  Enough said.


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